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At Sun Splash Tans we use top quality, state of the art equipment to make sure your indoor tanning session leaves you with the best possible tan. When considering a bed in which to tan, a general rule is that the more watts, the faster and richer the tan, which also means it lasts longer. For example, with the level 1 bed, you might find in order to keep a deep dark tan you need to tan two or three times a week.  With the level 5 bed, however, you might find you only need to tan once a week or less since the tan you get each time is darker and much deeper.

Sun Splash's tanning beds are grouped into five intensity levels. The higher the level, the faster and more comfortable the experience with longer-lasting tanning results. Level 1 includes only our 20-minute SunVision machine, which does a great job given it's smaller size. Level 2 plans include our 10-minute stand-up and our 15-minute Solaris bed and are more powerful and comfortable than our level 1 machine. The level 3 Tanning Salon Equipment Options plans let you use levels 1 through 3 beds including the. Solar Force The level 3 machine also has things such as shoulder tanners, side tanners, and much more ensuring you get the most well-rounded and longest-lasting tan imaginable. Our Level 4 machine is similar to our Level 3, but is faster, more powerful, and more comfortable. Level 5, the Saturn , is one of the most powerful high pressure super-charged stand-up available on the market meaning max tan in the shortest time with a tan that will last FAR longer than a beach-tan. For information about pricing, visit our Prices page.


You're guaranteed a first-class experience. Our salon is spotless. We have an extensive cleaning checklist that we go through every single day along with weekly detailing of the interior of tan beds so you get the best tanning experience and results possible.

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Level 5 - Saturn (pricing info)

Level 5 High Pressure Stand-Up

Want an immediate, long lasting tan? The Level 5 Saturn is the right choice coming in at about SEVEN times more powerful than many other tanning beds. The Saturn is a 12 minute high pressure tanning bed that offers intense tanning power for a deep, dark tan that lasts 2-3 weeks from a single session! This is one of the most powerful high pressure stand-up available on the market today giving unsurpassed  tanning without increasing your chance of sunburn.  

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Level 4 - Legend (pricing info)

Level 4

The Level 4 Legend is a 10-minute the latest design in high-power tanning bed that offers a combination of superior comfort with intense tanning power.

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Level 3 - Solar Force  (pricing info)

Level 3

The Level 3 SolarForce 642 is a 52 lamp, 12 minute high-power tanning bed that offers intense tanning power and comes with 4 facial tanners. The internal cooling system ensure you'll stay cool while you're getting the best tan ever. 

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Level 2 - SunDome and Solaris (pricing info)

Level 2


This specially designed booth is shaped to place the tanner at the center of tanning intensity, so you are evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. This booth's unique stand-up design ensures a quick 10-minute no contact tanning experience, which keeps you extremely cool. It's ideal for those in a rush.

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Level 2 Solaris Tanning Bed


The Solaris 442 is a 42 lamp, 15 minute high-power tanning bed that offers intense tanning power with the S2 Advanced Technology system. Plus, the Xtreme Reflection facial tanners will give you the dark, golden tan you expect. This extra wide bed ensures maximum comfort.

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Level 1 - SunVision (pricing info)

Level 1

This Level 1 33-lamp tanning unit offers a deep tan in a relaxing environment. It is ideal for those who wish to lie back and relax during the tanning experience. This bed significantly exceeds the power of many other "standard" beds and could take up to two hours or more of outdoor sun to replicate the depth of tan found in just a single 20-minute session.

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