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For sunless tanning, we proudly offer the AutoBronzer 4000, which is the most refined and technologically advanced UV-free sunless spray tan system made to date with many advantages over traditional airbrush tanning systems and is more customizable than a sunless tanning booth. The AutoBronzer Spray Tanning System is the fastest way to a flawless, natural-looking sunless tan. Superior to traditional hand or airbrush tanning, this advanced delivery system offers customized body-detailing in under four minutes that dries nearly instantly all without any UV rays. Sunless tanning is also a great compliment to your organic  normal sun tanning sessions for an even richer and longer-lasting tan.

All of our sunless spray tanning solutions are made from all organic material and are FDA approved meaning you don't have to worry about any side effects or allergic reactions. We offer a variety of sunless tanning shades and tones ranging from golden to dark, rich brown. You also get to choose how much of that color you want meaning if you want your sunless tan to be lighter in some areas and darker in others (such as to help cover a tan line) then we can easily accommodate you. Our trained staff will help you choose a color to match your skin tone and make you look as natural and Body Builder Sprayperfect as possible removing the guesswork.

Satisfaction GuaranteeWe 100% guarantee your satisfaction. If you're not happy with your spray for ANY reason, come back in the very next day after your spray and we will spray you again for COMPLETELY FREE. Maybe you want to be darker; maybe you had to shower before it fully developed, or maybe you just want to see your favorite employee again. Doesn't matter. Just come on back and we'll take care of it.


The AutoBronzer Sunless Tanning Advantage

Sunless (Airbrush) Tanning      
To be Applied 25-45 minutes 1-3 minutes 2-4 minutes
Spray Efficiency 30% of spray
transferred to skin
(lots of overspray)
50% of spray
transferred to skin
(lots of overspray)
80% + of spray
transferred to skin
(little unpleasant
Application Sensation Wet, cold spray Wet, cold spray "Soft Air" feel
Drying Process Towel or blow dry Towel off & spread
out overspray
Air dries in seconds
Skin Coverage Controlled by
trained eye
"One size fits all"
spray application
Controlled by trained
eye and personalized
to your body
Tan Maintenance Fast and easy to
Only full-body
applications. No
Fast and easy to
Privacy when Sprayed Employee in Room Alone Employee in Room

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